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Italian Fruit Sorbet in New York City

Have you ever had a sorbet so good the fruit melted in your mouth and it almost tasted like you had just picked the berry off the bush at its finest moment?  I have only experienced this a few times in my life, but trust me when I say it is very memorable.  The best part my friends is that I had this very experience at Grom Gelato in New York City.


Grom is an Italian gelato company based in Turrin, Northern Italy.  While they have locations in all the hotspots around the world including Dubai, Los Angeles, Paris, and Osaka, they have two locations in our very own New York City.  The location I went to was inside the Oculus, the World Trade Center transportation and shopping hub on 185 Greenwich Street.


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Their slogan is “IL GELATO COME UNA VOLTA” which is Italian for “Ice cream as it once was.”  Fitting as all their strategy has been “to apply the common principle of the world’s best restaurants to the production of gelato: the buying of the absolute highest-quality raw materials.”  This is why the blueberry sorbet I got was absolutely melt in my mouth delicious!


I got two scoops in a cup, lampone, the bright pink, and mirtillo, the deep purple-blue. Grom uses the Italian spellings for all their flavors but usually have a cartoon photo of the flavor so you don’t have to pull out google translate as you’re ordering.  Also, fun fact: the spoon they gave me was labeled as 100% edible (although I didn’t try it).

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 1.00.47 PMLampone: Is Italian for raspberry and this flavor is created by combining freshly grown Heritage, Tulameen and Rossana raspberries, Sparea® Spring Water, and white cane sugar. This raspberry sorbet was delicious and similar to that of the Talenti raspberry sorbet, tart and summery.

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Mirtillo: Is Italian for blueberry and also my personal favorite.  This flavor is created by combining “large quantities of wild blueberries, Sparea® Spring Water, white cane sugar and a touch of carob seed flour.”  This wild blueberry sorbet is refreshing and delicious with a clean aftertaste and a light palatability.


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One of their more famous flavor combinations is limone and lampone.  This is a delicious tart and sweet treat that reminded me of a raspberry lemonade.  Highly recommended summer flavor combination.


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If you are ever in New York City looking for a delicious place for Italian gelato’s and fruit sorbets, I highly recommend trying Grom.  This is a great place to grab a scoop or three before heading out and walking around the city on a nice sunny day.  There is not much seating at the 185 Fulton Street location, but it is easy to walk with.

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